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We Offer an Operational Trial

Smart-VOD Trial

Smart-VOD and Variables Speed Drives may be unfamiliar technologies at some sites. To simplify evaluation, we offer an operational trial over four months, during which we will install and commission the lot, including tagging all vehicles at a mine site.​ During the trial, we will provide access to a dashboard showing the real-time status of the zone, including savings per shift and savings to date during the trial.​

During the trial, we charge a monthly fee; most of the monthly savings for the first three months; and you get to retain all the fourth month's savings.​ After the third month, we’ll provide a report on what happened, and you’ll have options to continue:

1. signup for ongoing Smart-VOD service and lease the Variable Speed Drive; or

2. signup for ongoing Smart-VOD service and purchase the Variable Speed Drive outright


The Sweet Spot

Smart-VOD can save energy under almost any circumstance but is especially relevant where:

  • a secondary fan is ventilating a single working area

  • the secondary fan is 90 kw or more

  • the energy cost is more than $0.26/kwh

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