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Benefits & Features​

Smart-VOD Zone Unit
RFID Antenna

​Each secondary ventilation fan has its speed controlled by a Smart-VOD Zone Unit for that ventilation Zone.

Each Smart-VOD Zone Unit is designed to operate autonomously and does not require continuous network connectivity. However, when network connectivity is available further features are available:

  • a centralised mine dashboard showing the status of the ventilation zone along with the savings performance

  • each Zone Unit advises other Zone Units of vehicle sightings; allowing an ensemble of Zone Units to auto-correct any location errors that might occur [as might occur if a mine vehicle moves while a Zone Unit is depowered]

  • configuration updates to Zone and site-wide settings, details of mine vehicles, and updates to business rules

  • coordination of fan control with other Zone Units and primary fans at a site during clearance of blast gases

  • reports on vehicles in each ventilation zone and the corresponding ventilation flow; to demonstrate compliance with legislated ventilation standards

Smart-VOD Zone Units connect to the existing mine network and route all traffic through a private VPN to specified endpoints.  They don’t require access to other network devices and can operate on a separate VLAN. [relevant to mine IT Network staff].

Smart-VOD drives substantial energy savings, typically 50% - 60%, with 12-month savings across all Smart-VOD ventilation zones averaging 54.5%.


Smart-VOD can accelerate the clearance of blast gases, allowing an expedited return to mining after a blast. Bringing forward re-entry by 13 minutes each blast is equivalent to 1% more time for extraction, potentially delivering more tons per month.

Smart-VOD has several features that can expedite the clearance of blast gases:

  • each Smart-VOD Zone Unit can detect the blast shockwave and commence exhaust immediately; without waiting for the Delayed-Start timer to fire

  • secondary fans in non-blast zones are automatically turned off to avoid circulating blast gases into other ventilation zones

  • the primary fan can be automatically sped up to expedite the clearance of blast gases further

When used with a Variable-Speed-Drive Smart-VOD reduces wear-and-tear on the vent bag and reduces shock loads on the fan.

Maintaining vent bag inflation prevents the vent bag from sagging, minimising damage from interaction with mine vehicles, and minimises damage from flapping during bag inflation.

The use of Smart-VOD can greatly reduce the generator capacity required to power mine ventilation.


Each ventilation zone needs adequate ventilation capacity to support peak use. However, it’s very unlikely that every ventilation zone in a mine requires its peak use at the same time. Smart-VOD spreads the ventilation across the mine as required and can be used to cap total ventilation energy to match generation capacity.


Smart-VOD is provided as a service; Smart-VOD provides, installs and maintains all relevant equipment, including Smart-VOD Zone Units and associated antennas.

The monthly cost of the Smart-VOD service typically works out to around 14% of the monthly savings. 

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